Canada Visitor Visa Checklist

Canada was one of the most visited countries in 2019. Canada has observed a steady increase in the number of tourists visiting its country for the past few years. To get a visit visa for Canada, the documents play an important role. It is essential for you to submit the best possible application to avoid any rejection.

Which documents are required for Canada visitor visa?

The Canada visitor visa checklist of documents are as follows:

• A valid passport with more than 6 months’ time for expiry.
• Bank statements to prove that you have sufficient funds to support your stay in Canada (around 4 lakhs)
• Proofs to show that you have good reasons to return to your home country after you complete your visit to
Canada. These documents can include your family relations and documents to show that you have a job or
business to return to.
• If you are going to stay with friends or relatives, you must show the invitation letter from them
• Proofs to show that you are medically fit
• You should be free of any criminal records or immigration-related crimes.

Is a Canada visitor visa easy to get?

There are many factors to get a tourist visa of Canada successfully including

a. Your annual income.
b. the purpose of the visit.
c. strong home ties etc.

How long Canada tourist visa takes?

The processing time of Canada tourist visa is around 15 days.

How many days can I stay in Canada on a Canadian tourist visa?

The validity period of the Canadian visitor visa is 6 months. If you need to stay in Canada for more than this period, you need to either apply for a visa extension or opt for another type of visa.

If you have a multiple entry visa, you can come and go from Canada as you wish, but on each stay, you cannot be in Canada for more then 6 months. If you need to stay for more than 6 months, you need to apply for either an extension or have to go to your country and come back.

What are the single and multiple entry visit visas of Canada?

The two types of visas available to travel to Canada are single entry visa and multiple entry travel visas.

Single Entry Visa: With this type of visa, you can enter Canada only once and stay up to a maximum of 6 months. If you leave the country, you need to take another visa to travel to Canada again.

Multiple Entry Visa: If you have a multiple entry visa, you can enter and leave Canada as many times as you want until your visa expires. In each visit, you can stay up to a period of 6 months. The maximum period of validity for this visa to Canada is 10 years.

The visit visas issued are generally multiple entry visas.

How many funds are required for Canada visitor visa?

The visa fee required for visit visa (either a single entry visa or a multiple entry visa)- CAD 100
Fees for the family-CAD 500

You may need extra funds for other purposes according to your application.

The total cost of your Canada tour depends upon various factors like the length of your stay, the place of your stay, the places you are going to visit, the number of people going together, etc.

How can you apply for a visit visa for Canada?

You can submit the visa application form for a Canadian visitor visa by going in-person to a Canada Visa Application Centre or in online mode. If you are traveling along with your family, you can submit all their applications at once after completely filling them. Based on the country they are applying from, all the applicants need to submit their biometrics and photographs at a service point, collecting biometric details.

Biometric details can either be given after the submission of the visa application form or at the same time of submitting the application at the visa application center.

You may sometimes have to attend an interview at the Canadian embassy to get the visa.

After the verification of your application and all the submitted documents, you may be called for an interview. However, calling an applicant for an interview depends on the application of a person.

The authorities issue your visit visa within a period of 2 weeks. The time may vary from case to case.

What are the eligibility criteria to travel to Canada on a visitor visa?

You need to have the following criteria to get :

• You should not take any jobs when you are in Canada under the visit visa
• You should prove that you have enough funds to support yourself during your stay
• You should not have any criminal record
• You should be able to convey to the authorities that you have good familial or business ties in your home country, to make sure that you return to your homeland.
• You should be intent on returning to your homeland after the duration of your visit visa.

Who does not need Canada visit visa to visit the country?

The Canadian citizens, lawful permanent residents, are the people who don’t require a visa to visit Canada. Apart from the citizens and persons, who have a permanent resident card (people with Canadian alien registration card), there are certain people who are exempted from having to get a visa to go to Canada.

Canada has made agreements with some countries, to whose citizens the country has waived off visit visa if they want to come to Canada for a period less than or equal to 6 months.

• If they are coming by air, they will need an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization), though.
• If they are coming by sea route or road route, they will need a valid passport of the country, which is visa exempted by the Canadian government.
• People of Canada and the US cross the border on a regular basis, hence, if the visitor has the citizenship of USA, he/she can cross the border with a travel document like US passport and go to Canada and stay in the country for a period less than or equal to 6 months. US Green Card holders are also exempted from taking a Canadian Visit visa if they want to visit Canada for less than 6 months.
• Similarly, you can visit the US, if you have a Canadian passport without a visit visa (unless you are going to the US for studying, working, etc.).
• If US citizens or green card holders are on the way to another country and are in transit through Canada, they will need an eTA, and they will have to show their US passport or green card to the authorities.

How to extend the Canadian visit visa?

If you went to Canada on a visit visa, you need to return to your home country at the end of 6 months. If you need to stay in the country for more than this period, you need to apply for a visit visa extension 30 days before your current visa expires. If any decision is not made before the validity of your temporary resident visa expires, then you can stay back in Canada until a decision is made, under “implied status.”

Canada, as we all know, is one of the best nations for immigration. The country also has the best views for vacationing. Places like amazing beaches, spectacular mountains, vintage towns amplify the beauty of the nation to a thousand folds. To enjoy this beautiful nation or to visit the country for simple business purposes, you need to get Canada to visit visa.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Canada Visit Visa:

  1. Can I change my visit visa to a study permit?

Yes, you can get a study permit while you are still in Canada, under a visit visa.

  1. Which one is better to obtain? Single entry visa or a multiple entry one?

Canada generally gives you a multiple entry visa. It is better to obtain because you can visit the country multiple times by not repeating the entire visa process again and again.

  1. Where do I submit my application if I want to submit it in person?

The Visa Application Centres (VAC) are established to give administrative assistance to people who want a visa to Canada. The applicants of all the temporary resident visas like study permits, work permits, visit visas can submit their applications at the VACs.

  1. Can I track my visit visa application? If so, how?

Yes, you can track your visit visa application. You can do this by clicking the “track your application” button on the website.

  1. Can my friend or relative submit my application for Canada visit visa on my behalf?

Yes, someone like a friend or a relative can submit your application at the visa application center.