Canada for migrating.

The reasons for people giving the highest priority to Canada for migrating are a great lifestyle, warmly welcoming people, excellent job opportunities, high earning possibilities, and numerous immigration programs to move along with the family.

1) How can I get Canada immigration from India?

Migrating to Canada is quite easy, as the country has numerous programs to welcome immigrants. If you are a skilled professional from India, you can migrate with Permanent Residency programs like Federal Skilled Worker Program, Canadian Experience Class, Provincial Nominee Programs,  Federal Skilled Trades Program, etc.

2) Is it good to immigrate to Canada from India?

Moving to Canada from India is not just good, but the best to migrate from Canada to India, because of the following reasons:

  • The country has a welcoming atmosphere wherever you go
  • You can get the best healthcare for your entire family under free healthcare programs for Permanent Residents
  • You can get the best education for your kids
  • A multi-cultural environment with the best lifestyle for you and your families
  • Endless employment opportunities in the world-renowned multi-national companies

These are just some of the advantages of Canada. You need to live in the country to know the extent of full benefits.

3) How much does it cost to immigrate to Canada from India?

The fees of various factors of Canada immigration increased from April 302020. The Canada immigration from India Cost is as follows:

  • Application fees of primary applicant: CAD 825
  • Application fees of spouse applicant: CAD 825
  • Application fees of dependent children: CAD 225
  • Right of Permanent Residency fee: CAD 500
  • ECA (Education Credential Assessment) cost- Around CAD 200
  • Biometrics Cost- CAD 85 (per person)

There could be additional costs like delivery charges of ECA, etc.

4) What is the easiest way to immigrate to Canada?

The easiest way to migrate to Canada from India or the program that is used by most of the Indians to migrate to Canada is the Express Entry, Canada. Canada PR for Indians is made quicker and easier by this system.

5) How to apply for Canada PR from India 2020

You can migrate to Canada by various programs like Express Entry and PNPs. The most used program by Indians is the Express Entry.

Under this system, you need to follow the below steps to migrate to Canada:

Step 1: Assess your eligibility from the factors of Age, Education, Experience, English/French proficiency, job offer, adaptability.

Step 2: With all your details and documents, open an Express Entry profile. You need to get your skills assessed by an accredited assessing body.

Step 3: Wait for the next draw of Express Entry.

Step 4: If you meet all the criteria and if your skills fetch you the cut-off points in the CRS calculator (Comprehensive Ranking System), you will be given an “Invitation to Apply.”

Step 5: You will have to start your preparation to fly to Canada as a Permanent Resident.

There are two types of immigration to Canada from India points calculators. One will enable you to get into Express Entry through Federal Skilled Worker Program, and it is for 100 points (in which you need to get at least 67), another is the CRS calculator (which has a maximum of 1200 points and cut off keeps changing from draw to draw).

6) Can I move to Canada without a job?

Yes, many provinces allow you to get Permanent residency even without a job offer. But, if you have a job offer in hand, before applying, you can get more points in the point calculator of Canada.

7) How to immigrate to Canada from India without a job offer?

If you do not have a job offer, you can apply to Canada PR through PNP, and fetch additional points in the CRS calculator and get the PR. Many of the provinces, offer you nominations even without a job offer through PNP Canada.

8) Is it easy to get a job in Canada?

Yes, Canada has huge vacancies in many professions in its market, as the retirement rate of the people there has become very high, and new birth rates have become so low. The country depends on immigrants to meet most of the needs of its economy. Statistics say that the future of Canada depends solely on immigrants. You can apply and get a job while you are still in India. This is possible if you apply through job portals. A reputed immigration consultancy would help you in getting a valid offer.

Once you get a PR visa, you can easily get citizenship in Canada.

Eligibility Criteria to get Canada PR:

Canada immigration eligibility is as follows:

  • Age should be below 45 years
  • Education that proves that you are a skilled professional
  • Work experience in your profession
  • English or French proficiency
  • A job offer (if any)
  • ECA-your education must be assessed by an assessing body
  • The details of your siblings or relatives help you to prove that you can easily adapt to the new country.

Family immigration to Canada:

Canada encourages migration from different countries along with family. As the country believes that the people could be the happiest, if they are with their family, Canada easily issues family visas to spouses, children, etc.

Canada considers spouse as a default companion for the primary applicant, and it considers the IELTS score of your spouse (secondary applicant) while calculating CRS score. Your CRS score would get a boost if your spouse has good eligibility criteria.

Canada even has programs that would enable you to bring your parents and grandparents to the country.

Provincial Nomination Program:

The best option to get a sure shot at the Canada PR from India is by getting a provincial nomination.

Numerous provinces issue nominations, which you can use directly to settle in the province. If you want to go to Canada through Express Entry, then getting a nomination from any province would fetch you an additional 600 points in the 1200 points of the CRS calculator.

With the 600 extra points, you will most likely get more points than the cut-off score and would be able to get an invitation to apply.

The provincial nomination programs are introduced to meet the professional requirements of the respective province with the aid of the skilled workers.

How would immigration consultants help you in getting Canada PR from India?

Immigration consultants help you in every way to get Canada PR. Since you may not be aware of everything regarding Canada migration, they will guide you and assist you in every step.

The following sums up the services provided by immigration consultants:

  • Assessment of the eligibility criteria
  • Keep you up to date with all the documentation details
  • Gives you details of all the costs that would be incurred
  • Assist you in securing a job offeby their job search teams
  • Provide you with a world-class resume or CV, that would surpass all the robotic tests and reach the employer and impress him/her
  • Provide post landing services in Canada to ensure that you settle there comfortably.

If you want to migrate to a foreign country, Canada would be your best option with its wonderful advantages and easy immigration programs.