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The world needs plenty of internationally qualified, well-equipped and talented engineers. But the question “are the students graduating from Indian engineering colleges groomed enough to be internationally competent?” remains unanswered! In fact, in most cases Indian students may have to undergo an in-house training or specific foundation courses before being absorbed overseas for further studies or even for employment locally or abroad. Innovative & research oriented study facilities, industry endorsed internships in most modern units of multinational companies, and post study work permits for easy access to job market are only few of the many advantages of studying engineering abroad. It is the gateway to become certified foreign professional engineer and settle down in advanced country with family. Job oriented courses, short term bridging courses, programs with paid internships are offered by many overseas institutions. Most of the overseas institutions provide paid internship and placements during the course period so that the students get adapted to the requirements of the employers while seeking jobs. Through practical training by way of internships, students can gain benefits in the form of competitive wages and also become members of an engineering society in respective countries.

  •  Master in Petroleum and gas Engineering , Mesoyio college , Cyprus
  •  Bachelor in Computer Engineering , EPITA college , France
  •  Master of Embedded system Engineering , BIC UNiversity , Germany
  •  Master in Industrial design in Architecture, Poli Design University , Italy
  • Master in Advanced Automative Engineering , Unimore University , Italy
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Aviation Transport , TSI University, Latvia
  • Master in E- learning Technologies and Humanities , RTU University, Latvia
  • Bachelor in Mechatronics Engineering , Fontys University , Netherland
  • Master in Telecommunication Engineering , kSU University , Lithuania
  • Master in Automation and Robotics Engineering , PUT university , Poland
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